Community of Care Awards Gala

After having been postponed due to December weather, our Community of Care Awards Gala was held at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre on Thursday evening, April 7th, 2022. It was a great success, and so nice to have an in-person event after two long years! While covid-19 still limited our gathering and attendance numbers, it was a lovely evening honouring local healthcare professionals, and a wonderful time was had by all.

The list of award recipients is found below, with pictures to come!

Healthy Communities LeaderCeleste Gotell
Mentor ChampionsDr. Scott MacNeil and Dr. Laurie MacNeil
Life-Long LearnerMelanie Power
Dedicated Mental Health/Long-Term/Continuing Care Professional Michelle Carter
Healthcare Hero Award (3 awarded) – Richelle Sparks, Glenda Kipp, Tara MacInnis
Making a Daily Difference Award (volunteer) – Georgette Burke
Making Health your Business AwardMichael Hatt